Invest in energy efficiency: project implementation funding for coordinated action through loans, grants and incentives for infrastructure and projects by countries, funds and financial institution partners

Energy efficiency financing charette

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Hosted at the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre 14 – 16 June 2022

The charette brought together two groups representing:

  • The world’s finance community
  • The energy efficiency investments needed to deliver 40% of the Paris Agreement

The goal was to address the current gaps and to facilitate commitments to work together to redefine investing in energy efficiency projects.

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Energy Efficiency Market Readiness

The outcomes of the Energy Efficiency Financing Charette included the creation of four taskforces to work together in supporting market readiness for energy efficiency investment:

Energy Efficiency Narrative Taskforce:

To reframe key messages for a range of audiences on the benefits, experiences and feelings received from energy efficiency.

Widening the Net Taskforce:

Identification of key partners and socializing energy efficiency investment with country/city governments, solution providers and capital markets.

Solutions Selector Tool Taskforce:

Building on years of success with the EBRD Green Technology Selector and Carbon Trust’s work to add countries, this taskforce will work to further expand the tool for use across more countries and to capture all bankable energy efficiency solutions (technologies, services) and the policies that enable energy efficiency investment.

Mission Efficiency Marketplace Taskforce:

Supporting market readiness for energy efficiency investment, including through a facility to de-risk energy efficiency finance, through project origination and matchmaking and through collective support from partner initiatives to enable integrated investments and reduce risk, cost and time for financial institutions and investors.

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